Share Your Fib on a Postcard

You can tell us about any lie. It might be a lie to yourself, or to a friend, child, loved one, colleague at work, stranger, even a pet. It might me a little white lie or a complex multi-layered, multi-year fabrication. It may be a decades old fib or one from yesterday. We don't mind. But, your lie must true (seems weird, right?) and you should have used it before. There's just once exception: we don't accept political lies -- we've all seen and heard far too many of these recently.

Put It On a Postcard. Add a Stamp and Our Address

We love to receive postcards. So, we prefer that you send us your fib on a postcard or other mailable media. This will best preserve your anonymity and give you the opportunity to be creative. Also, we're old-school -- and much prefer your lies, falsehoods and deceits on paper. Just don't mail us a dead fish!

If you're comfortable tell us the general location where you first told the fib -- we plan to use anonymous, aggregated location information in our art project in the future.

Make sure you add the right postage for a postcard from your location. We'd hate not to receive your work of art because the post office balked at your stamp.

If you live in the U.S., it's 34 cents to send a 4x6 inch postcard (or 49 cents for one up to 6x11 inches).


See How it Works in Detail

Keep It Simple and Be Creative

1. Keep it short, make it legible, and let your inner artist shine.

2. Find a cool post card (or make one) -- use more than one if needed.

3. Fill it our anonymously, but truthfully -- optionally, tell us where the lie happened.

4. Add a stamp.

5. Mail it to us at: Post*factua!ly.

6. You're done. Sit back and follow your art project online.

Lies On Postcard Are Best, But Digital Fibs Work Too...

Alternatively, you can send us your fib electronically (what an idea) -- just click the button below. However, we still prefer an image (preferably of a scanned postcard). We only accept files in PDF or JPG (JPEG) format.


Send My Digital Postcard Fib