A Reference Library to the World of Falsehood

We live in a world of lies. We all tell them and are often subjected to them. There are many different types of lie, ranging from small white lies, to broad self-deception and complex multi-layered fabrication and fraud. Judged by their consequences to the liar and the lied-to not all lies are negative -- while lying may seem simple, it's a complicated topic. So, here, we wade in to the world of deception and disinformation. And, there's nowhere better to start our journey than through music and song, movies, books and news -- all about lies, of course.

In-Depth Fib Reference: How-To Guides, Taxonomies and More

Songs, movies and books about lies may not enough for the serious deceiver or the deceived. So, below is our repository of detailed resources for fibbers. This includes an encyclopedia of lies, how-to guides on deception and detection, maps, timelines and infographics, including our Periodic Table of Lies®.


Infographic: The Psychology of Lying

Our postfact, postruth times call for a better understanding of lies and lying — until, that is, we wholeheartedly reject a culture that rewards deceit.

So, I’m adding this infographic to our resource center. “The Psychology of Lying

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Infographic: Periodic Table of Lies

We humans are ancient and sophisticated liars. We probably learned to lie just five seconds after learning to communicate. In fact, the first human utterance was probably a fib about the location of some great food or a mate’s poor … Read more

New Lie Discovery: Meta-Lie

Our “lientists” — social scientists specializing in lies, falsehood and post-fact research, armed with the most powerful lie detectors yet invented discovered the Meta-Lie, on February 14, 2017. This one’s been hiding in plain sight for quite some time. However, … Read more

How to Spot Fake News

This infographic is a rather timely addition to our resource center in the age of post-truth, post-fact. “How To Spot Fake News” is published by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). It seems that our … Read more

Truth or Consequences, Cape Deceit and Other Fibbily Named Places on Our Interactive Map

Truth or Consequences (New Mexico, U.S.A.) is perhaps the most famously named location with some kind of association with lies, deception and falsehood. It’s a loose affiliation because the town’s name came from the 1950’s game show of the same … Read more

Infographic: A Timeline of the Biggest Lies in History

It’s challenging to distill 30 centuries of human lies into a one page infographic. But here you have it. This is a labor of love — representing some of the best liars and biggest fibs since the Ancient Greeks. Without … Read more