Our Favorite Novels About Deceit, Doublespeak, Big Lies and Even Bigger Liars


1984. George Orwell

The Thought Police. Doublespeak. Big Brother. George Orwell published this masterwork of dystopian fiction in 1949. Yet the main character Winston Smith could well be living in our own world of alternative facts, historical revisionism, meta-lies and oppression. If you Read more

On Lies, Secrets, and Silence: Selected Prose 1966-1978. Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich is one of America’s foremost poets, feminist theorists and progressive activists. In this collection of prose she reflects on issues that have shaped her work and life, including motherhood, racism, history and language. Importantly, she muses on our … Read more

The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s obscenely wealthy protagonist lies about many things. He lies about his past. He lies about his romantic life. He lies about the source of his great wealth. He even manufactures small lies about his collection of books — with … Read more