How It Works


It's simple really: tell us about your fib, put it on a postcard -- the more creative the better. Add a stamp and mail it to us.

Once we receive your postcard, we'll read it, publish it and share it here, and also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. The best make it into our books, and other media.

However, if you need more detailed instructions, check out the steps below:

Six Easy Steps

Some Examples

Step 1. Think About the Fib You Want to Share

Think about the lie that you want to share with us. It has to be a lie that you've actually told someone. Or, It might be a lie to yourself. It might be a fib to a family member. It may be a lie to colleague or a boss, or even someone who works for you. It could be a lie to a stranger or to your best friend. It might even be a lie to your pet.

It might me a little white lie or a complex many layered, multi-year fabrication. It may be a decades old fib or one from yesterday. We don't mind. But, your lie must be true (seems weird, right?). There's just once exception: we don't accept political lies -- we've all seen and heard far too many of these recently.

Step 2. Find a Postcard or Make One

A standard postcard is usually 4x6 inches. Though we'll take one that's 5x7, 6x9 and up to 6x11, or any size in between. Why the size restriction? Well, two reasons. First, if you keep the postcard to 4x6 it keeps the cost of a first class stamp low. Second, it makes it easier for us to scan and more likely that we can publish and print your creative endeavors.

This is your chance to get creative. So, if you can't find a cool postcard, just make an even cooler one out of a piece of thin card. Just make sure the post office will accept it.

Step 3. Get Creative

Gather your art supplies. Let your inner artist shine.

Now, we know some of you may find this step challenging. Don't fret. Skip the artwork and just tell us about your fib.

Step 4. Add a Stamp and Our Address

Make sure you add the right postage for a postcard from your location. We'd hate not to receive your work of art because the post office balked at your stamp.


If you live in the U.S., it's 34 cents to send a 4x6 inch postcard (or 49 cents for one up to 6x11 inches).


Double Check US Postage Rates

Step 5. Mail It to Post*factua!ly

Run, run, run.

Run to your mailbox or the nearest mailing location and send us your postcard.

We can't wait to see it, read it, publish it and share it. And, learn from it.

Step 6. You're Done. We'll Do the Rest

You've done it. Your creativity and courage to share has paid off. Put up your feet and relax. Now all you need to do is wait for your wonderful creation to reach us.

It takes us at least a week to go through the previous week's submissions. We'll read each and every postcard. We scan them all, and best make it online.

So check us out on the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. The very best make it to one of our books.


I'm Ready to Send My Fib

Who We Are


Post*factua!ly is a collective art project about lies, offering award winning deceit to a global audience. Liar, liar pants on fire! That's us. Dishonesty is our mantra. Cheating is our mission. Keeping the Lies Alive™ is our goal. Duplicity is our raison d'etre.

Post*factua!ly collects and shares lies, and uses art and humor to explore the serious issues of deception and disinformation. Post*factua!ly produces related art books and content about lies, misquotes and debunked facts. We analyze and categorize these lies on our proprietary Fibbernacho Scale™. We publish them in our ongoing, collective art project, online (Web), social media and offline.

Post*factua!ly was founded by three entrepreneurs -- an artist, computer engineer and business leader -- who happen to be the same person.

Creative Misfit

Mike Gerra is both co-founder of Post*factua!ly and its creative, inspirational force. He loves simple design, the color turquoise and often comes up with his best ideas while lost on long hikes. Born and raised in London, his favorite lies include being economical with the truth, the polite or butler lie and the highly underestimated equivocation. When not in the office he pursues warm beer on his bicycle.

Nerd Engineer

Mike Gerra is the technical brains behind Post*factua!ly. He co-founded the project to deconstruct, reassemble and bring taxonomic order to the world of lies through code. He blames his Italian ancestry for his favorite lies: self-deception and exaggeration. When not researching new fabrications he can be found atop very high peaks (well almost) or near a fine red wine.

Mr. Fixit

Mike Gerra is the left-brained, principal and co-founder of Post*factua!ly. His recent relocation to the United States has shifted his perspective on the entire spectrum of deceit such that his new favorite lies include fake news, alternative facts, puffery and bull***t. In his time away from the demands of the Post*factua!ly fib factory he is working on a PhD thesis entitled "(Un)Reasoning With Evidence-Free Facts".

What We Do


We Collect Lies

Collecting anonymous fibs is the foundation of our social art project. We collect our readers’ genuine fibs via postcard and online. Then we publish the most creative ones in our Post*factua!ly art collection (the Fiblog™), usually once a week. The cream of the crop make it in to our companion art books and other media. We are greatly inspired by PostSecret, the art project created by Frank Warren in 2005. However, our experiment focuses exclusively on lies — so much more compelling in this post-factual age.

We Misquote

A sip of fine coffee or tea (or something stronger) would be remiss without a pithy quote from a respected source emblazoned on the mug. And, how could your workplace function without a colorful print featuring a bracing motivational quote. Unfortunately, our research has shown that most quotes are often misattributed or just plain wrong. Our genuine Misquote™ service sets the record straight with real misquotes, so our readers will never again fear misusing, misspelling or misattributing a crucial, inspirational quote.

We Debunk Facts

We don’t just collect the best falsehoods from our readers. We also create our own truths and validate them with the best and brightest (though appallingly objective) minds on the planet. In the process we debunk many long-held "facts". We publish our own compelling facts and showcase hyperbolically untruthful rebuttals from the so-called experts on Post*factua!ly or in our companion art books.

We Validate Myths

Real myths don't belong in supermarket tabloids. After all, falsehood needs wider dissemination, especially now that entire sections of government are even more devoted to alternative facts. We collect and author a growing body of post-factual information for research purposes. Social scientists, media organizations and future politicians will find the Post*factua!ly archive of real Untruth™ specially useful.

We Offer Resources for Fibbers

Every good liar needs inspiration and help. Fibbers who are just setting out need a thorough compendium of deceitful techniques and role models. Even expert liars need specific help to reach the next level. Our guide cuts through the bulls**t to give our readers and aspiring fabricators a bag of useful tools and tips. This includes a comprehensive taxonomy of lies, the fibber's magnitude scale, deceitful reference works and other resources to help the beginner and expert alike.

We Publish Fiction

We are free of advertising and sponsorship. However, a business founded on lies and around falsehoods needs a retail operation to be truly successful. Any successful entrepreneur will attest to that. So, we publish the best lies and misquotes in our companion art books and other media. From time to time we may also make available select merchandise that showcases the best misquotes and myths from around our globe. This will help us spread the post-factual gospel far and wide, and pay the bills.