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The lies continue to grow. We've added new lies from your postcards. And, we've found new songs, movies, books and research all about lies.
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Six Easy Steps

1. Keep it short, make it legible, and let your inner artist shine.
2. Find a cool post card (or make one) -- use more than one if needed.
3. Fill it our anonymously, but truthfully -- optionally, tell us where the lie happened.
4. Add a stamp.
5. Mail it to us at: Post*factua!ly.
6. You're done. Sit back and follow your art project online.

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New Fibs and Fib News -- One Lie at a Time
The Macedonian Fake News Factory

Veles is a small city of around 50,000 located in the central hills of the Republic of Macedonia. Until recently the city laid claim to being the second most polluted region in the ex-Yugoslavia. Once home to a famed ceramic factory, Veles is now host to a different type of manufacturer, one that fabricates fake news.

A Timeline of the Biggest Lies in History

It’s challenging to distill 30 centuries of human lies into a one page infographic. But here you have it. This is a labor of love β€” representing some of the best liars and biggest fibs since the Ancient Greeks. Without doubt I have missed many thousands of other lies, fabrications, hoaxes and persistent myths. So, enjoy this version for now.
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1905 15th Street, Ste 1002
Boulder CO 80306
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