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Monday Movies About Lies, Including Compliance and The Truman Show

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I’ve just added more flicks to Post*factua!ly’s unique movie catalog all about lies, deception, fakery, cheating and alternative facts. So, if you’re tired of all the real world lying around you, break out the popcorn, get comfy and make sure your subscription to Netflix is up to date.

This week’s additions to my Post*factua!ly movie library includes: Compliance and The Truman Show.

Compliance is a thriller film written and directed by Craig Zobel, and starring Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, and Pat Healy. It is based on true story of a strip search prank call scam that took place in a fast-food restaurant in Mount Washington. The prank caller, posing as a police officer, convinced a restaurant manager to carry out unlawful and degrading procedures on an employee.

The Truman Show is a satirical science fiction film directed by Peter Weir. It stars Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank, a man adopted and raised by a corporation inside a simulated television show revolving around his life, until he discovers the vast deception and decides to escape. With this movie Jim Carrey now has two entries in our catalog of movie lies, the first being Liar Liar.

Some of my choice titles in the Post*factua!ly movie catalog so far include: Big Fat Liar (2002), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Double Indemnity (1944), F for Fake (1974), Gaslight (1944), Some Like it Hot (1959), and The Invention of Lying (2009).

Please hang in there as I add to our deceitful movie database. It’s gradually growing in to the definitive source. But, just like our growing collections of books and songs about lies, lying and liars this will take some time — there’s just sooooo much misleading material out there!