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The Lies and the Power

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If you’ve followed our current president during his time in office or during his short campaign you’ll know — regardless of political persuasion — that he lies incessantly. Various media outlets have catalogued Trump’s falsehoods since taking office in the thousands. If you’ve followed him since his early days in New York real estate and splashed across the tabloids, you’ll, again, know that he is a pathological liar, perhaps without equal. Greg Sargent (@theplumlinegs), over at The Plum Line blogger, shows us that this is central to shaping his reality (however distorted) — he writes:

“Trump plainly views the act of lying, or making things up, or contradicting himself with relentless abandon, as an assertion of power — that is, the power to render reality irrelevant, the power to roll right over constraints normally imposed by expectations of consistency or fealty to basic norms of reasoned, factual inquiry.

As Jacob T. Levy has written, these “demonstrations of power undermine the existence of shared belief in truth and facts.” The whole point of them is to assert the power to say what the truth is, or what the truth should be, even when — or especially when — easily verifiable facts dictate the contrary. The brazenness of Trump’s lying is not a mere byproduct of his desire to mislead. It is absolutely central to the whole project of declaring the power to say what reality is.”

I think there is something to this. After all, when we lie, it really is to exert some form of control over both ourselves and those to whom we lie. It’s just that Trump has take this to an entirely new, global level. We all know, that eventually, the mountain of lies and the house of cards crumbles.

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