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New Songs About Lies, Including The Policy of Truth

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The ocean of musical lies continue to swell inexorably. I just added a bunch of new songs — each with a cool and appropriately deceitful music video — to our definitive audio-visual playlist all about lies, lying and liars. There’s certainly lots of lying and self-deception in this group of songs.

My favorite of the current crop is the electro-synth classic Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode.

This week’s other additions to the Post*factua!ly post-truth playlist include: Lyin’ To Myself by Louis Armstrong; Young Liars by TV on the Radio; Mama Didn’t Lie by Jan Bradley; and 3’s and 7’s by Queens of the Stone Age.

These new songs further my plan to catalog, for the first time, in once place every song or piece of music dedicated to lies, lying and liars. As you might have guessed with such a rich and deep mine of human deceit to dig through it will take me a while. So, please bear with me and enjoy the musical misinformation in the meantime. No songs about “fake news” or “alternative facts” yet. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time — please let me know if you hear one.